Optifuel Infomax

Renault Trucks Optifuel InfomaxOptifuel Infomax is a software package for the very accurate assessment and analysis of your consumption, intended for your Renault Trucks fleet (excluding LCVs) and acclaimed by trainers and fleet managers.

  • Simple: you just have to connect your computer to the vehicle to receive in one minute the vehicle’s data, in the form of summary tables that provide you with an overall view of your fleet.
  • Rapid: you can then exploit your data immediately and share them automatically with the other users of the software.
  • Efficient: a single program enables you to follow all of the Renault Trucks fleet from Euro 2 to Euro 6 standard.
  • Cost-effective: a single program for the whole of your fleet. No subscription, and the program pays for itself in only two months with a fleet of 20 vehicles.
  • Educational: an opportunity to make your drivers aware of the impact of driving on consumption by means of graphics and tables with indicators in order to encourage them in more economic driving.
  • Motivational: your drivers are involved in fuel savings and can compare themselves to the Renault Trucks standards.

An e-learning is now available to introduce you to the functionalities of the Optifuel Infomax tool.
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