ECO lubricants

Generation ECO lubricants

TLSP offers a complete range of high-performance, fuel-saving Renault Trucks Oils Fuel Eco lubricants, guaranteed by RENAULT TRUCKS. Created and developed to meet the expectations of road hauliers and to comply with changes in environmental standards.

Based on superior fluidity and in particular, a formula that includes friction-modifying additives, these high-technology Generation ECO lubricants have an effect on the entire drive train (engine, gearbox and drive axle).

Developed jointly and specifically for RENAULT TRUCKS vehicles, these products are part of the original equipment and are also approved by most manufacturers.

Generation ECO products offer:

  • Fuel economy by reducing friction between mechanical parts that require less energy for movement and so reducing CO2 emissions and saving money whilst making a positive contribution to the environment.

  • Better protection against wear and tear, corrosion and the formation of deposits and extended oil change intervals in particular.

Used throughout the whole of the drive train, they save more than 1 litre per 100 km compared to standard lubricants; the equivalent of 3 tonnes of CO2. These results are proven and confirmed by bench tests and test on the track (UTAC, Millbrook, BMSVI) as well as in real conditions during fleet tests.