Checks and settings

These actions are carried out by our experts within the Renault Trucks network to contribute to the efficiency of the vehicle combination and the optimisation of consumption.


Pressure check.

Under-inflation of tyres reduces the number of kilometres covered and leads to risk of burst tyres, resulting in the immobilisation of the vehicle and thus a loss of revenue!

Geometry check.

Did you know that two-thirds of semi-trailers in Europe have incorrect geometry due to a lack of parallelism on one axle?

To avoid excess consumption linked to non-optimal contact with the ground, regular checks are necessary.



Over time, the play between the different timing components changes and may become unfavourable for diesel consumption. Rocker setting can enable a return to the initial performance of the vehicle, provided that the maintenance plan recommended by Renault Trucks has been respected.

As an after-sales service in our Renault Trucks workshops, we also provide upgrades to your vehicles with specific solutions in order to achieve fuel savings.



These checks and adjustments are available to you at fixed rates: Thanks to these all inclusive parts and labour offers, you know in advance the total cost of the operations and vehicle downtime.