How much fuel can I save as a result of following this training?

Consumption is affected by several different parameters.
It is therefore impossible to say with certainty how much fuel will be saved, but we can help you maximise these savings.
With more than 10 years’ experience in this type of training, we have learnt that by applying economic driving recommendations, you can achieve fuel savings ranging from 3% to 15%.

You talk about training in economic driving, because your products react to driving style. That isn’t very reassuring.

Our totally upgraded ranges have proved their productivity and extreme versatility - with savings having been demonstrated after only 1 or 2 weeks on the road. Invariably, drivers have different backgrounds and in most cases are driving our vehicles for the first time. All we say is that with training in economic driving and the monitoring provided by Optifuel Infomax, results can be improved even further.

My fleet manager has the profile to follow the Optifuel Programme. But what are my drivers going to think? I don’t want to make them feel ill at ease by giving them the impression that they are being watched.

The purpose of the Optifuel Programme must be clearly stated by the company manager. The idea is to set up a genuine improvement plan involving everyone in the team. Furthermore, the Optifuel Infomax software is an instructional tool which enables all drivers to understand their individual driving styles and identify how they can improve in a very pragmatic and visual way.

Can Optifuel Infomax and Optifuel Programme be implemented on vehicles from competing brands?

No - We have known the emission levels required for Euro 5 since 2006, and our Euro 5 incentive solutions meet these levels: 0.02 g/kWh for particles and 2 g/kWh for NOx.

Which type of customer should we offer Optifuel Programme and Optifuel Infomax to?

Our experience shows that customers with all sizes of business and types of activity can benefit from these offers.

Why should we analyse our vehicles’ data with Optifuel Infomax?

Analysing the data makes it possible to understand how the vehicle is used and to identify the points which need improving in order to optimise vehicle use and fuel consumption.

Should all data available on the Optifuel Infomax report be analysed?

All the data is useful, but depending on the level of analysis required, it is not necessary to take everything into consideration. Based on average consumption (in the economic zone, when idling, and outside the economic zone) and the type of assignment, you can already identify the areas which can be improved.

How can consumption be reduced on vehicles following an analysis with Optifuel Infomax?

The analysis on its own, based on Optifuel Infomax, is not enough to reduce a vehicle’s consumption. An action plan must be implemented to make the improvements. It is important to involve drivers and share the results of the analysis with them.

Is there a technical support service for Optifuel Infomax that can answer my questions?

YES: Contact details by country and language are available on the Optifuel Infomax website (www.renault-trucks.com/infomax), First of all make sure you are correctly registered on the Optifuel Infomax site.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a standardised high-quality aqueous solution of synthetic urea. It is a non-toxic product made up of 31.5% urea and 68.5% water. Urea is widely used in agriculture, the textile industry, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and cosmetics. AdBlue is carried in a specific, separate tank, used only for AdBlue which must be handled with care.

Can AdBlue freeze?

Yes - AdBlue freezes from -11.5°C as it is a solution made up of 68.5% water. This is why the AdBlue injection system is fitted with a heating device.

Important to know:

Car manufacturers are beginning to adopt AdBlue, which should lead to even more innovations and wider availability in service stations.