Engines and driveline

Optidriver+, an intelligent gearbox…

Whatever your vehicle or activity, the Optidriver+ gearbox provides tailored solutions such as the Off-road mode for construction applications

Optidriver + automatically selects the ratio best adapted to the speed and the road profile for:

  • Fuel savings by streamlining the fuel consumption*
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Optimised driving comfort and safety

* up to 3% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous generation fitted with a manual gearbox

Optidriver +, enhanced with new advantages

  • Quality and speed of gear selection (Optidriver + strong point)
  • Best adaptation of gear shifting to road profile
  • Best mobility in off road use
  • Better selection of 1st gear
  • Disabling of power mode (option)




The Optitronic automated gearbox systematically engages the best gear ratio on the basis of the load, gradient, drive train power mapping, and requests for acceleration, retardation and braking.

  • reduction in fuel consumption of up to 7% on average*
  • reduction in operating costs: the clutch and the mechanical gearbox components are protected and their service life is optimised.
  • comfortable to use: smooth, relaxed driving for greater safety

The Optitronic automated gearbox is offered on the Renault Trucks D

* compared to the previous generation fitted with a manual gearbox